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What's Fusebox.online?

Crystal clear circuit breaker directories

Easily manage and print circuit breaker directories for in your fusebox or view the directory online by scanning the unique QR code.

Professional account for collaboration and multiple clients

Using a Professional account you'l be able to create multiple circuit breaker directories for all your clients. You can also invite your colleagues so they van maintain the directory as well.

Works on desktop, tablet and mobile

The Fusebox.online application works nicely on all devices. Allowing you to provide insights and make changes to the circuit breaker directories in your account. Fast, safe and flexible.

Circuit breaker mapping made easy

Create your Personal account for free

Create your free personal account and create your MCD directory real fast, real easy.

Included in your personal account:

  • 100% free
  • Up to three fuseboxes
  • Easy updating and printing

View an example MCB Directory

Create your Professional account for free

Create a Professional account and manage multiple MCD directories for multiple clients. With Fusebox.online you always know what the fusebox of your client looks like.

Included in your Professional account:

  • Dashboard for quick overview
  • Location and label filters
  • Extended company profile
  • Your logo, company name and address on the PDF
  • Partner listing based on geographical location
  • Email functionality
  • Multiple users
  • Starting at € 0,00

Benefits of Fusebox.online for Professionals

Multiple Users

In your professional account there's the option to invite multiple users/colleagues for collaboration in the various circuit breaker directories of your clients.

Branded PDF's

Upload your logo in your professional account and it will be shown alongside your contact details on all MCB directories, both printed/downloaded versions and online versions. This way your clients always know how to reach out to you.

Yearly plans starting at € 0,00

Our various plans start at € 0.00 and can be upgraded if needed for more flexibility and special perks such as your logo and/or contactdetails visible on the MCB directories.

Request access

If your client has a personal Fusebox.online account, you can request access to this circuit breaker directory so you can view and update the directory if needed.


With Partnerlisting on the paid plans, your contact details will appear on circuit breaker directories printed or viewed by potential clients. Your details will be visible based on your geographical location up to a range of 50 kilometers.

Mobile friendly

Your Professional account can easily be used from mobile devices as well as desktop computers and tablets. This way you or your colleagues can use the application quick and easy while working on location.