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Frequently Asked Questions


  • What are the benefits of having a Professional account?

    If you're a professional such as an electrician or general contractor, Fusebox.online allows you to maintain multiple circuit breaker directories. This way you always have actual information about the circuit breakers present in your clients fuseboxes. Besides the possibility to add, update or remove groups on the circuit breaker directory there's a few more perks of having a professional account such as:

    • Dashboard for quick overview
    • Location and label filters
    • Extended company profile
    • Your logo, company name and address on the PDF
    • Partner listing based on geographical location
    • Email functionality
    • Multiple users
    • What's the difference between a Personal and Professional account

      A personal account is meant for home owners who'd like to have nice circuit breaker directories in their fuseboxes. They an add up to three MCB directories in their account and can only have one user. Personal accounts are free.

      Professional users can have multiple circuit breaker directories in their account, easy search and filter options, they can invite multiple users/colleagues to collaborate and have various branding and exposure options on the generated MCB directories (both in the PDF as well as online). Professional accounts offer various plans starting at € 0,00.

    • Can I change from a Personal account to a Professional one and back?

      It's currently not possible to switch between a personal and professional account. If you've accidentally created the wrong type of account, feel free to contact us at hello@fusebox.online to get it sorted out.

    How to use Fusebox.online

    • How do I create a Fusebox.online account?

      You can register an account on Fusebox.online as a personal or professional user. Each has it's advantages for your specific needs. Check out the FAQ item on the difference between the two. Simply register by pointing your browser to https://app.fusebox.online.

    • How do I add a circuit breaker directory and add groups to it?

      You can add circuit breaker directories by clicking the "Add Fusebox" button from the dashboard (professional users) or from the "Fuseboxes" section (both personal and professional). After clicking this button a wizard will help you create your first MCB directory. You can also watch the instructional video below:


    • What is the duration for the various plans?

      All plans are yearly subscriptions. One week before the plan ends you will be able to either prolong or cancel your plan.